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Students and engineers needs for being familiar with the professional software, their need for applied teaching and lack of suitable sources made us establish Negarande Danesh in 2009. The lack of these sources is one of the giant gaps between Industries and University courses. We have focused our activities on the professional practice, producing applied books, and up to date contents. As we expected; customers in many countries were satisfied with the first generation of Negarande Danesh books. Negarande Danesh has frequently been honored for its sustained success in different areas. The authors and the experts who have been working in industries and have been teaching in universities help us to achieve these successes. These achievements are the result of collective intelligence. For over 7 years we have evolved to meet the needs of our customers. The years ahead Negarande Danesh promises to improve the quality and quantities. We also establish an online bookshop which includes more than thousand university books we named it Academic Books Treasure on www.negarandedanesh.com just for using inside our country. We are truly interested in making connection with any publishing and keeping in touch with them in order to sell and buy the copyright of academic books.

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