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Negarende Danesh was established in 2009 with the objective and vision to assist young professional engineers in their careers, through provision of applied knowledge textbooks. Lack of few resources to fill in the gap between academic knowledge and the need for practical, applicable knowledge in the work environment, was the ignition on which we have built a very successful publishing company. We have focused our activities on the professional practice, producing applied books, and up to date contents. In the mean time we have not only succeed in filling in this specific knowledge gaps and the young professional needs for applied sciences, we have further expanded our publishing activities into other areas such as medicine, surgery, medical journals and law and international law. We further plan to move in into other segments such as Business, Management and Environmental sciences. Negarand Danesh has frequently been honored for its sustained success in different areas. Such level of success and achievement in such a short time would not have been possible without the commitment and support of our partner authors and experts from the industry and qualified editors from the academic field. In the past 8 year we have successfully evolved to meet the needs of our customers. For the years ahead Negarande Danesh main objective is the enhancement and continuous improvement of the quality already in place. For this reason we are planning partnerships with international publisher, bringing in the latest trends and original text books to our customers. Further next to our normal selling activities, we are in the process of establishing an online bookshop which will include more than three thousand university books. Our Website in the English language is in progress and will soon include our foreign language textbooks and original version of the latest publications.

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